Quality & Standards You Can Count On

For 85 years, we have wanted to be different. We know the way you are treated is as important to you as the quality of our workmanship. So, we always seek to provide the best products & customer satisfaction we can.

In today’s world, rapid turnaround helps you run your business. That’s why we strive for the fastest delivery on cylinder heads & related parts. How do you know you can rely on us?

We utilize a six-point quality verification program:

  1. Disassembly & cleaning
  2. Visual head inspection
  3. Pressure testing
  4. Surface inspection
  5. Component inspection
  6. Final inspection & assembly

Why do we go to this extreme? Because our goal is to ensure you never have a “head-ache” as a result of doing business with us. Thank you for your continued patronage & trust in our ability to help you serve your customers.

Quality & Standards You Can Count On